Style your personal image

The challenge

You have wardrobes and cupboards full of clothes, footwear and accessories, but never know what to wear.

You suspect your body shape may have changed over the years, but hate to let go of old clothes.

Getting dressed can take ages and you’ve lost confidence in what really suits you.

The solution

  • You and I assess what you own and what you love best
  • We identify your professional and leisure needs
  • I provide you with an individual colour, shape and style analysis
  • We declutter and organise your wardrobe
  • We create a number of great outfits for every occasion from your existing clothes, accessories and footwear
  • We identify any necessary future purchases

The results


Your wardrobe is a well organised beautiful collection of clothes that fit and suit you perfectly.

Let’s put the WOW back in your wardrobe!

The next steps…

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