The challenge

Squeezing yourself past the coats piled up in the hall? Bruising yourself again on that pesky cupboard on the way into the kitchen or nowhere to relax when you get home from work?

Your room layout, space or storage just isn’t working for you anymore.

The solution

  • Together, we analyse how you and your family inhabit the space so we can identify the challenges
  • I assess the design, scale and dimensions of your space, storage and furniture
  • I create floor plans of room layout options to make it all work best for you
  • You select the one that appeals most and together we re-configure the space
  • We find storage solutions the belongings you want out of sight. There is a logical place for everything.

The results


You have an organised home with airy, purposeful spaces. Every room looks bigger.

You know exactly where everything is. You can store everything you need.

You can display all the things you love.

Let’s put more leg-room in your living room!

The next steps…

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