About me

I am a stylist and qualified coach. I help people achieve more space, beauty and happiness in their daily lives. My clients come to me because they trust me to help them make the most of their home or personal image.

I can support you to:

  • Make your home fully reflect your personality and function more smoothly
  • Or sell your property and move
  • Or create your perfect wardrobe

How I work

Working together, we re-style your home and/or personal image, making the most of what you already have. I help you celebrate your own unique style. It’s a creative collaboration and I never impose my own taste. You get a beautiful, whole new look, without buying anything!

And if you’re selling your property, I help you de-personalise and create the most neutral of spaces so buyers can mentally view all their stuff and themselves, in it. Resolving any issues with light, space and storage, I maximise the chances and speed of your sale.

I work with what you’ve already got, so you get all the benefits of a traditional interior designer or personal stylist at a fraction of the cost. My re-styling approach is more affordable, environmentally-friendly and much more fun!

My background

I am a formally trained visual artist. My own practice includes sculpture, mural painting and mixed media work. As an art education manager, I supported my staff and students to find solutions to the challenges artists constantly face in the creative process. I am also a qualified executive coach and use coaching tools to empower my clients to make the most of their homes and personal style.

My approach

My approach is friendly, non-judgemental and totally confidential. My role is to help you unlock your own personal style, build up your design confidence and make the most of what you own.