Style Parlour: Home styling consultation

More calm in your kitchen

More leg room in your living room

More beauty in your bedroom

More wow in your wardrobe


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Come home to happy

Come home to happy

Home styling consultation: We all long for a harmonious home.

A place in which we can truly be ourselves, a space so well planned it fits perfectly with our lifestyle.

Whether you’re a homeowner or you rent, everyone deserves a home they love!

How can I help you?


Home styling consultation | Style Parlour

Maybe your home lacks personality, your property won’t sell or you haven’t got a stitch to wear.

 I provide a full range of home styling consultation services that make the most of what you own. Great styling makes your house a beautiful home, quickly moves your property off the market and creates a confident wardrobe of garments that fit and suit you perfectly.


Before we work on your home’s style, we may need to look at clutter and organisation…


Swamped surfaces and overfilled cupboards? Clutter can quickly become overwhelming and double the time spent doing housework.

I support you to decide what to keep and teach you how let go of everything else. We create a calm space which is quick and easy to maintain.



Always losing things? Struggling with how to place your furniture? A badly arranged space can be a constant source of frustration.

With room layouts and storage systems tailored to your lifestyle, your home will look and feel much bigger. And you’ll always know exactly where everything is!


“I would wholeheartedly recommend Wendy. Friendly, relaxed and honest, she was respectful of what was important to me and offered great suggestions as to where and how to place things”

– Su-Lynn, London, SW14

About me

I am a style coach who helps people achieve more space, beauty and happiness.

My clients come to me because they trust me to help them make their home even more beautiful or personal image suit them even better.

I can support you:

  • To make your space function more smoothly
  • To help you sell your property and move on
  • If you have cupboards stuffed full of clothes but never anything to wear

Working together we declutter, organise and style your home and/or image.

“When I walked back into my living room, I just stopped dead and said ‘WOW!'”

– Alex, London, N16